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Customer Service
The service team of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH offers the complete maintenance service for cocoa and nut processing plants.

Especially to improve your system availability and to implement predictive maintenance we perform plant inspections along with you. Here, the necessary replacement parts necessary for the next maintenance date will be defined and proposed to you. Then the spare parts will be manufactured and installed in cooperation with your personnel.

Spare Parts
The supply of spare parts of the highest quality is our self-conception. We focus from the request to the delivery and installation of the spare parts on a direct customer contact and the shortest delivery time.

Process Optimization
The optimization of a production plant in terms of the best performance or the lowest energy consumption is one of our core competencies. Our process engineers analyze your production process in terms of achieved product performance and the energy consumption. A detailed analysis report will show an objective picture of the plant performance.

Hence suggestions to optimize performance and minimize energy consumption will be developed and implemented together with you.

Phone: +49-7141-974033-0
Fax: +49-7141-974033-99