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Foods often are naturally contaminated with different kinds of microorganisms. To preserve food products, different technologies are applied. 

There are desinfestation with gaseous substances, treatment with radiation like UV and the heat treatment with saturated steam.

The heat treatment with steam represents the most common way of pasteurizing or even sterilizing food products. But the traditional steam sterilization also bears the risk of quality degradation of the pasteurized or sterilized product. Depending of the product and the process control of the steam pasteurizing system flavor defects, skin peeling or texture defects will happen. 

All these problems are caused by inappropriate pressure or temperature levels or process control.

The DTPS system was especially developed to eliminate the disadvantages of a traditional steam pasteurization or sterilization system. The most important process values are steam pressure, product temperature before steaming, time of steaming and condensation temperature of steam at a given pressure. 

By controlling these process values the product can be pasteurized or sterilized with a minimum of product quality degradation.

The DTPS system can be used for any oilseed, such as nuts, almonds or seeds. But also spices, flour or even cocoa powder can be treated with the DTPS technology.

Pasteurizing and sterilizing system NOPS


DTPS 10: 1000 kg/h nuts and oil seeds

DTPS 20: 2000 kg/h nuts and oil seeds

higher capacities on special request