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Cocoa beans are a natural product that is subject to high contamination with foreign substances due to its production and processing in the producing countries.

For this reason, the beans are cleaned on a 3 step cleaning system. First, gross contamination (pieces of wood, residual pulp particles, leaves, etc.) and very fine particles (sand, insect fragments) are removed by the screening machine. In the adjacent sifter, light ends are removed by air sifting.

Then ferritic or metallic impurities are separated. For this purpose, magnetic separators for ferritic and metal separators for metallic impurities are used.

In the third and final step, heavy particles such as stones and large metal parts are excreted by the destoner.

Sketch: Cocoa bean cleaning system CBCS


CBCS 10: 1000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 20: 2000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 40: 4000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 60: 6000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 80: 8000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 100: 10000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBCS 200: 20000 kg/h cocoa beans


higher capacities on special request