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The processing of cocoa beans to the finished products cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder is a challenge for the modern process technology. It’s not only about creating the best cocoa aromas, but there are also other important parameters such as process hygiene, energy consumption and environmental impact which have to be taken into account.

The team of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH offers an extremely intense experience in this field. In the past 30 years, our employees have developed the most advanced and up to today’s leading cocoa processing technology.

Our product portfolio covers all production steps in the processing of cocoa from cleaning the raw cocoa beans up to finished cocoa powder.

The following processing steps are covered by the technology of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH:

Cocoa bean cleaning
Cocoa bean pretreatment
Cocoa beans deshelling
Cocoa nibs alkalization
Cocoa nibs roasting
Cocoa bean roasting
Cocoa powder grinding
Cocoa powder stabilization

For the areas
Cocoa nibs grinding
Cocoa butter presses

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