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Cocoa beans as a raw product are contaminated to a high degree bacteriologically. On the one hand, uncritical and harmless bacterial strains can be found, on the other hand cocoa beans carry also dangerous pathogenic germs on their surface.

To eliminate this health risk to the consumer of cocoa products, cocoa beans must be sterilized. This is done by treating the beans with saturated steam and under a special reaction pressure.

Since steam condensation takes place during sterilization with saturated steam, moisture is introduced into the beans. During the following roasting process of the beans, the total moisture must be reduced to create intensive roasting aromas. Any additional moisture in the beans will have a negative influence on the flavor development, because the aroma components will be attached to the water molecules and will be extracted during the steam distillation from the beans.

To prevent this, the CBSS sterilization system with integrated preheating of the beans was developed. From experiments on sterilization and aroma yield in cocoa beans, it is known that the flavor is significantly better when water absorption during sterilization is minimized. This effect is brought about by the new combined preheating and sterilization system CBSS.

Low water absorption during reliable sterilization means best aroma development during roasting.


Sterilizing system for cocoa beans CBPS



CBPS 250: 250 kg/h cocoa beans

CBPS 500: 500 kg/h cocoa beans