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The roasting of nuts and oilseeds in a ball roaster UBRS stands for optimal development of roasting flavor. By using a ball as the roasting area, the nuts or oilseeds are mixed very intensively and they experience a very uniform flow of hot air. Thus, no over- or under roasting effects will happen to the products.

The batch operation in contrast to a continuous roasting process offers all possibilities to any nut to undergo the thermal conditions that are necessary for the best flavor formation. The advanced machine control realizes the roasting process on the basis of time-temperature profiles. Thus, a reproducibility of the roasting process for each batch is guaranteed.

The use of a modulating burner to create hot air for the roasting system provides the possibility to realize individual time-temperature curves. 

Furthermore, holding times at constant temperature conditions can be used during the roasting process to intensify the flavor. Thus, aroma precursors are formed by the Amadori reaction. Afterwards the final roasting aromas are generated by the Maillard reaction.

The team of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH brings the idea of the ball roasting technology back to life. In previous years, our team members were involved in the construction of the legendary SIROCCO ball roaster. This fact stands for a roasting technology that has been recognized as the highest for decades. Through the combination of advanced process control and process technology, the best varieties of nuts and oilseeds will be roasted to the highest quality.

Ball roasting system UBRS for nuts


UBRS 250: 250 kg/batch

UBRS 500: 500 kg/batch

All capacity figures are related to a density of 500 kg/m³


  • Flexible batch roasting system

  • Time-temperature profiles control the roasting process

  • A modulating industrial burner ensures accurate control of the roasting process

  • Aroma optimization by individual optimization of the roasting process for the different varieties of nuts or oilseeds

  • Intensive and even mixing by the use of a ball roasting area.