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The roaster OSRS meets all requirements for producing the highest quality product in terms of roasting flavor and guarantees an extremely long shelf life.

In order to achieve the best roasting flavor, the roasting system must be capable to transfer uniformly the roasting energy to the product. At the OSRS system this process condition is realized by a fluidized bed system. The nuts and oil seeds will be surrounded intensively by hot air. This creates a fluidized environment in which on the one hand the product will be moved very gently hand and on the other hand it is treated with the highest energy transfer efficiency.

The shelf life of roasted nut products, or roasted oil seeds is highly depending on the process control of the roasting process. The ESL technology (Extended Shelf Life) was developed specifically to optimize the shelf life of different types of nuts and oil seeds. 

The shelf life resulting from the OSRS system is significantly extended in comparison to all other traditional roasting systems.

Due to the semi-fluidized bed system even products with a very low density can be treated and roasted. By adjusting the air volume used for roasting, the process conditions are optimized for each of the products.

The batch technology of the OSRS system allows a highly flexible application of this roasting system. Product changes can be realized even from batch to batch. The system guarantees the best emptying, so that the product can be changed without any cleaning of the roasting or cooling area.

Nuts and oilseeds roasting system OSRS


OSRS 100: 100 kg/batch

OSRS 300: 300 kg/batch

OSRS 600: 600 kg/batch

All capacity figures are related to a density of 500 kg/m³


  • Flexible batch roasting system

  • Fluidized-roasting atmosphere for optimal and gentle energy transfer

  • Time-temperature profiles control the roasting process

  • A modulating industrial burner guarantees a precise control of the roasting process

  • Aroma optimization by an individual optimization of the roasting process for the different types of nuts and oil seeds

  • Outstanding shelf life by the ESL-technology