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Once the chocolate cake was de-agglomerated  or ground,  the cocoa powder has to be stabilized. If the stabilization does not take place, the cocoa butter in the powder is in an unstable state. This leads to undesirable color changes of the color of cocoa powder during storage . In addition, the cocoa powder can solidify by energy released due to recristallization processes in the storage medias like bags or big bags.

The crystalline stability of the cocoa powder is achieved by the formation of ß5 or ß6 crystals. However, these stable crystal structures can be achieved only when the less stable forms were passed.  At each transition from one crystalline structure into the other, energy is released. The amount of released energy differs extremely from one possible crystal structure transition to another.  When these energies are released, they need to be withdrawn as efficiently as possible.

This requires a highly efficient energy transfer. The CPSS method uses fluidizing technology. By means of fluidization with conditioned air  the released energy can be deprived of the product by the fastest means. 

Another decisive factor for the best possible stabilization provides the necessary recristallization time. It is known from scientific studies, that in order to achieve the best possible stabilization, a minimum residence time of 8 minutes is necessary. This time period is reached in CPSS system and can even be individually optimized to the product by adjusting the fluidizing parameters.

Cocoa powder stabilizing system CPSS


CPSS 10: 1000 kg/h cocoa powder

CPSS 20: 2000 kg/h cocoa powder

CPSS 30: 3000 kg/h cocoa powder

CPSS 40: 4000 kg/h cocoa powder


  • Fluidizing technology for the best energy transfer efficiency during crystal structure transition

  • Optimized process control for the best temperatures, air volumes and retention times

  • No product losses at the air filtration system as all separated product will be immediately returned into the product stream

  • Best bacteriological safety as the processing system is completely closed