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The process of cocoa powder production consists of two steps. First, the cocoa cake has to be ground. The powder coming from the milling system has to be stabilized in the second process step.

The grinding of the cake is first a de-agglomeration of the cocoa cake to the particle size of cocoa liquor before pressing. If a further particle size reduction is desired, this can be realized with the classifying milling system CCMS.

Due to the mechanical construction of the milling elements, the shelf life of these elements is significantly extended in comparison to other traditional milling systems. This results in shorter plant shutdowns and reduced wearing parts costs.

As with any grinding process, it is also the de-agglomeration or grinding of the cocoa cake with a certain fire or even dust explosion hazard due to high friction forces tainted.

The CCMS system can prevent these risks reliably with highest

security. The air circulating system of the classifying mill is equipped with a nitrogen generator to change the air composition to a residual oxygen content between 8-9%. At these values, an inflammation or even an explosion is ruled out with absolute certainty.

Cocoa powder milling system CCMS


CCMS 10: 1000 kg/h cocoa cake

CCMS 20: 2000 kg/h cocoa cake

CCMS 30: 3000 kg/h cocoa cake

CCMS 40: 4000 kg/h cocoa cake


  • Highest operating security by nitrogen atmosphere in mill air circulation system

  • Lower costs for wearing parts in comparison to traditional milling systems

  • System can be run in cold or hot mode