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The thermal pretreatment and the deshelling of cocoa define the quantitative qualities in terms of the achievable yield, whereas the roasting step defines the quality level in terms of cocoa flavor. 

During roasting, however, much more process steps as just a simple roasting can be carried out.

As the roasting system CNRS is a batch system, it allows for various processes in a single machine. Thus, a simple roasting of cocoa nibs can be made.

In addition, there can be a sterilization during the roasting of the nibs. 

Any flavor defects in the raw nibs can be improved by an appropriate process control. 

A change in pH of the cocoa nibs can also be realized. 

For the best aroma development, the nibs can be treated with invert sugar solution.

By using the newly developed TET heating system (Turbulent Energy Transfer system) an extremely uniform energy distribution can take place over the entire length of the drum. Thus, areas of different temperatures are excluded. This has particularly a very positive effect on the aroma creation.

To optimize the energy consumption of a system which already has a hot air recirculation system, the machine can additionally be equipped with the burner air preheating (CAPS).

Nibs roasting system CNRS


CNRS 10: 1000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNRS 30: 3000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNRS 40: 4000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNRS 50: 5000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNRS 60: 6000 kg/batch cocoa nibs


  • Flexible system due to batch system

  • Sterilization during roasting step

  • Off flavor repair due to water injection

  • Akalization of nibs

  • Sugar treatment with invert sugar solution

  • Uniform energy distribution with TET

  • Optimized energy consumption due to CAPS