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The process of alkalization is certainly among the most sophisticated processes in the cocoa industry. 

It needs an intensive experience in the development of recipes for the different color shades. By selecting the appropriate bean provenances and the appropriate combinations of food proven chemicals, the color of the finished cocoa powder is influenced decisively. 

Any color shade required whether red, brown or even black can be achieved.

The processes required can be realized in the alkalizing system CNAS. The system allows both over and negative pressure. In addition, various liquid or solid additives can be added into the product. Due to the batch system, the process time can be adapted individually to the needs of any process. 

In order to optimize the flow properties of the alkalized product a vacuum system is installed to reduce the surface moisture of the alkalized nibs.

The team of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH can look back on decades of experience in the development of various alkalizing recipes. 

Many of today’s most successful cocoa powders were developed by and with members of our team.

Alkalizing system CNAS


CNAS 10: 1000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNAS 30: 3000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNAS 40: 4000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNAS 50: 5000 kg/batch cocoa nibs

CNAS 60: 6000 kg/batch cocoa nibs