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After pretreatment with the CBTS technology, the hot beans are fed to the deshelling system CBDS.

The deshelling process is realized in two stages. In the first stage, the beans are crushed. In the second stage, shells and nibs will be separated.

The crushing of the beans is done by centrifugal breakers. These breakers have the advantage that the necessary crushing intensity can be adjusted precisely by their rotational speed. Thus, any excessive creation of fines can be avoided.

Since the separation of shells and nibs is done by air sifting and as the efficiency of this sifting system is depending on the density of shells and nibs, it is crucial to keep the average size of nibs as large as possible.

To ensure a consistently efficient separation, the CBDS system is equipped with a fully automatic vacuum control in the separating ducts. The corresponding target values can be stored in product recipes in the fully automatic control and are therefore reproducible at any time.

For easy cleaning and maintenance of the deshelling system CBDS, the aspiration system can be shifted aside from the machine. Thus, an unrestricted access to all five screens is possible.

Winnowing system CBDS


CBDS 10: 1000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBDS 20: 2000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBDS 40: 4000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBDS 60: 6000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBDS 80: 8000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBDS 100: 10000 kg/h cocoa beans