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To deshell cocoa beans with maximum efficiency means to have an effective thermal treatment. Traditionally, cocoa beans had been predried or even roasted before deshelling. With the infrared technology, mainly developed by the engineers of FOOD MASTERS FREIBERG GmbH, a new dimension of deshelling efficiency is available.

By pre-drying the beans, an essential amount of water was evaporated and the beans structure got brittle. By using the infrared technology, the moisture reduction through the process is much lower. As a consequence, there will be no embrittlement of the bean structure. This fact has significant influence on the next processing step. Due to flexible beans, the creation of fines during the breaking process can be minimized.

The optimal loosening of the shell is caused by a sudden evaporation of water present between the shell and the bean. The pressure will increase and the shell will be loosened explosively from the bean.

By spraying water on the shell surface, the efficiency of the infrared process can even be improved. Especially cocoa beans with a high shell content like Sulawesi beans will show a better deshelling capability.

The infrared radiation ensures that the energy needed for the deshelling effect will be applied where it is needed, namely in the area between the shell and beans. Thus no roasting effects will occur in the bean.

Cocoa bean cleaning system CBCS


CBTS 10: 1000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBTS 20: 2000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBTS 40: 4000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBTS 60: 6000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBTS 80: 8000 kg/h cocoa beans

CBTS 100: 10000 kg/h cocoa beans